TBA Blogging University is a one of a kind customizable learning system designed to give you control over your blogging education. My team and I have worked tirelessly over months to bring to you this state-of-the-art platform (not to mention the YEARS of experience that went into creating the course content!) in order to allow you to access the most up-to-date blogging strategies and how-to’s in a way that fits your goals and your budget.

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Branding 101 Masterclass: Course Outline

1. How To Make Your Blog A Brand: how to define an build a strong brand image as well as become an authority in your chosen niche as a digital entrepreneur

2. To educate digital entrepreneurs on their audience; the essence of creating valuable content creation as a means to increase their reach, retain traffic, reduce bounce rates as well as well as how to sell themselves to their audience and brands

3. How To Monetize Your Brand: the different ways to make money as a digital entrepreneur, how to get brands to for your services as a content creator and tips on how to charge

4. Understanding influencer marketing and how to earn from it as a blogger

EXTRA: signing up for this masterclass gets you acess to a 10-Day “Branding and Growth” challenge with daily tips and  assignments that will help you stay on track while you build and define your brand 

Venue: Webinar (anyone can attend as long as you have access to internet)

Date: March 9th (A 3-Hour Intensive Session)

Fee: 7,500 (take advantage of the early bird discount of 2,500 naira available from now till 16th of February)

blogging university, TBA Blogging university, thebloggersadvocate, the bloggers advocate

Blog Startup Masterclass: Course Outline

We are putting together an intensive blog startup masterclass that puts you through everything you need to know about setting up your custom site right from picking the right domain name, recommended domain hosting sites that fit your budget, navigating your cpanel, why WordPress is the best choice for non-tech inclined bloggers, designing your blog, setting up your custom email address and linking it to your gmail account and so on.

This class is so packed; you will be able to set up your blog with very little or no assistance.







blogging university, TBA Blogging University, the bloggers advocate, thebloggersadvocate

SEO Masterclass: Course Outline

A detailed masterclass on Search Engine Optimization. This class is perfect for every blogger looking to finally get the hang of SEO and how exactly it works. We will be discussing choosing the right keywords for your post, the factors that affect your optimization on search engines, how to write SEO-tastic content, Google Search Console and how to index your blog for monitoring on Google and so much more.

This is class is the only SEO class you will ever need because it is very thorough and very detailed at the same time, simplified enough for everyone to understand it. 










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TBA Tribers get to hear about everything first. They enjoy access to first hand news on collaborations, TBA Events, workshops, online masterclasses, access to exclusive resource materials. 

The TBA Tribe is a community of dedicated bloggers, influencers, digital nomads and even small scale business owners. Here, we are focused on using our passion and expertise as professionally trained and certified digital marketing experts and web developers in grooming bloggers to become better and smarter with their craft.

TBA sets to serve as the number one advocate for bloggers by promoting them as an important and useful growth tool for brand owners as well as educating them on how to be better and smarter with their craft by teaching them latest digital marketing trends they need to know to boost their online visibility as well as increase their traffic generation and retention and also teach them how to increase their net worth and network.

It is our belief that we grow better when we grow together and so, as a member of the TBA tribe, we will like to help you grow; not just in stats but in cash…