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We decided to create a resource library containing blogging tips, list of blogging tools and recommended resources, social media tips, content creation pictorials and so much more.

This resource material was created as a means to help every one of our readers get the best out of their blogging this year and beyond. We want you to grow better this year; in stats and in cash.

The paged will be updated constantly with fresh content. However, this page is only accessible to our TBA Tribers;  of dedicated bloggers, influencers, digital nomads and even small scale business owners. Here, we are focused on using our passion and expertise as professionally trained and certified digital marketing experts and web developers in grooming bloggers to become better and smarter with their craft.

To access this free resource library, you have to sign up to join our Tribe. Once you’re done, a code will be sent to you via mail.

our blogging university is even more amazing

Alice Temitope Dako, thebloggersadvocate, the bloggers addvocate

We also have a Blogging University where you can sign up to attend our online and offline masterclasses/workshops. Our workshops are specifically tailored to solve a major issue bloggers are facing. 

We use expertly trained and widely thought leaders in the blogosphere and the founder of The Bloggers Advocate; Dako Alice Temitope is a doubly trained digital marketing expert certified by Google and Digital Marketing Skill Institute. She has the passion and expertise bloggers need to grow better and smarter as content creators