Blogger/Influencer Agency

Recognizing the importance of bloggers to the growth of business owners; both small scale and large scale business owners, The Bloggers Advocate dedicates itself to connecting brands with the right influencers that fit their brand image and has the right audience that need their products.

Our community of influencers (TBA Tribers) boasts of the best macro and micro influencers across the country and with their diverse audience, TBA can offer influencer marketing services to endless business types. 

The Bloggers Advocate also grooms and manages a select group of bloggers/influencers. We proved these select talents with all round support, one on one consultations, access to training and workshops that will make them better at what they do.

We also source for collaborations and provide them with a means to earn more consistently while they focus on getting better at what they do.

TBA renders event management (online and offline) for brands and bloggers

Web Design/Management

We help brand owners and bloggers design a responsive and mobile friendly website that is equally just as gorgeous. We design websites that specifically fit your brand goal and needs as a business owner or blogger. Our ideal is to deliver a memorable website or blog that is easy to use and navigate by every one of your readers or customers.

With our experience on helping brands gain visibility both on social media and search engines as well as our expertise in implementing SEO strategies, we deliver targeted and result driven digital marketing solutions.

The Bloggers Advocate also help busy brand owners and bloggers optimise their online brand by helping them stay consistent, deliver top notch valuable content that attracts more visitor footfalls with our  web managerial services. 

With us, we make sure our clients get value for every penny spent



One of our strengths is in helping business owners and bloggers craft memorable identity that attracts the right audience. At The Bloggers Advocate, we make sure your brand ideals and image reflect in every design or strategy we put together for you. 

Our branding services include:

  1. Brand Strategy Development
  2. Social Media Structure and Strategy Creation
  3. Blog Structure and Strategy Creation
  4. Email Marketing services
  5. Creation of Content Calendar tailored specifically to fit a brand or blogger’s niche, image and audience
  6. Photo-shoots and Video shoots (including for products)
  7. Social media structure and strategy creation
  8. Social Media and Blog Consultation (online and physical sessions)

Our branding services are perfect for business owners and bloggers who are looking to get it right and the most off their brand




What we can do for you

Talent Management

Manage and groom you as a blogger or influencer. We ensure you run a smooth and successful blog while you focus one getting more creative

Innovative Influencer Marketing Strategies

We develop innovative and creative marketing strategies for your campaigns and work hand in hand with our influencers to ensure they deliver. We ensure you get the right blogger that fits your brand image and has your target audience

Content Creation Strategy

We help you create unique and engaging content that resonates with your target audience

Web Design And Management

We help you create a mobile friendly website that fits your brand goals and needs. We will also help you manage it in order to stay consistent with delivering on your brand promises

Event Management

Planning your own event or workshop; online or offline and confused about how to go about it? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Our reputation precedes us on organising such fun events and we can do the same for you

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Explore our community of over 2,000 bloggers across key social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube


Use our advanced filters to pick out the right influencer that fits your brand image and has the relevant audience your brand needs


We put together the perfect influencer marketing campaign that best sells your brand


We oversee and manage your campaign from end to end to ensure impressive results are delivered


We use key analytics tool to put together detailed campaign reporting and results

Let's Get Started

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Have a campaign or just launched a product and will like to increase your reach and build your credibility as a tested and trusted brand? Need bloggers to review your product or attend you event?

We have over 2,000 Tribers with a collective audience of over 5 million followers across key social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

No matter your industry or brand niche, we have the right blogger for you.

Confused about the intricate details of building a successful blog or you run a 9-5 and too busy to put in the work required to get your desired results? Need help building your brand or earning consistently as a creative entrepreneur?

Our agency is dedicated to helping bloggers grow even better by providing them with all round digital solutions to their blogging problems on a one on one basis.

With our team of expertly trained digital content creators and digital marketing experts, your blog brand is definitely in safe hands.


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TBA Tribers

What Some of Our Clients Are Saying

As a creative, a community is the best thing that can happen to you. If you find a good one, you will learn, unlearn, relearn and execute so much more than if you were an island. I have met amazing people and grown exponentially in less than a year because of my community.
Your community could definitely be your squad or group of friends too, I have the best squad of friends tbh. My creative/blogging community is @thebloggersadvocate and I am so grateful to @thedakoalice and the whole TBA team for all that they do.
I found out about The Bloggers’s Advocate (TBA) on instagram, followed the link in the bio and got connected. GBAM!! That became the best decision I made as a new blogger. I’ve made a lot of improvements over the past year. TBA helped me identify who I am as a blogger and taught me all the basic skills I need. TBA has been a blessing to me by helping me sort for collaborations with brands. With their help, I’ve been able work with travel brands and I know how to give a remarkable approach to brands I want to work with. I must also recommend their High level of professionalism

About The Bloggers Advocate

The Bloggers’ Advocate is a bloggers’ agency dedicated towards promoting the culture of blogging and grooming, educating and empowering community of bloggers as major growth tools to the economy at large. It is our goal to showcase bloggers as useful tools to brands; both startups and established companies, great causes and excellent source of influence on the entire community (regardless of its diversity) at large; in Nigeria, Africa and in Diaspora.

Our dream is to entirely change how bloggers are viewed in the country, pave way for both up and coming bloggers and established bloggers to collaborate with more bloggers, photographers, creative entrepreneurs and brands and act as a voice for every blogger. The brand has over 2,000 individual bloggers of diverse niches in its growing community with an estimated total collective reach of 3 million unique followers on Instagram, 500,000 unique page likes on Facebook and 2 million followers on Twitter dedicated to bloggers and has educated over 500 bloggers on how to be better and smarter with their craft via series of workshops and masterclasses organized in 4 states in the country in less than 2 years.