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With the blogging world growing every day and becoming more competitive, there’s now so much to consider when trying to make your blog distinctive. Building a successful blog no longer rests only on the development of fantastic web contents, and writing about intriguing topics, but rather, how attractive and appealing your blog is to readers. There are certain tools a blogger would need to make effective use of, to ensure having detailed graphics that makes blogging more appealing, easier,effective and fun.  How does one know which of the graphics tools to invest in? Below are 5 essential graphic blogging tools which will help you on your journey.

They consist of a variety of free, and paid graphic tools which are perfect for those who are just starting out as bloggers, and for already dedicated bloggers who are ready to invest in the growth of their blog.

Adobe Photoshop (Free and Paid)

This is one amazing graphics editor that can be employed by bloggers to create amazing image content and illustrations for their blog. The most common version for Photoshoprecently is Adobe Photoshop CS6 which has both a freeandpaid version.

With Photoshop, you turn yourcreative ideas into images which helps your audience form an intimate relationship with the idea and its content, connecting all into reality. With the tutorials on adobe website, it becomes relatively to use Photoshop with ease. Your editing, sizing and enhancing is very possible with the use of adobe Photoshop. Infact, this is one graphic tool bloggers should employ to make their blog come alive.

As a startup blogger and beginning with Adobe Photoshop, it is safe to go for the free version. However, as you process you also need to upgrade to the paid version to get the full package which makes you get the complete and best experience out of this graphic tool

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2. Canva (Free & Paid).

As images are extremely important for bloggers, from blog posts themselves to social media posts and more, a quality image can also go viral on Pinterest and bring you thousands of visitors in a very short time. Blog posts with images are proven to receive more visitors, keep the readers on your site for longer and increase the number of shares it gets so they simply can’t be ignored. Whether you want to make infographics, featured images or just a few visuals to go in your posts, you can do it all in Canva.Canva is a tool loaded with enough easy-to-use features and functionality that anyone can create a variety of engaging content that gets shared

One of the best things about Canva is it comes loaded with templates so all of your graphics can be sized perfectly for each specific social media site. If you want an image to be easy for your readers to Pin, choose the Pinterest template. Or maybe you want something that people can Tweet? You’d then just choose the Twitter template.There is a whole lot that can be done with Canva, as it just lays waiting for you to explore it. It is onegraphic tool that comes in handy for every blogger, and would surely leave you in awe.

Not only would Canva leave your blog in an attractive state, it would also bring in traffic for your blog and boost its ratings. It is essential for bloggers to note that a blog is as power as its images; non-distinctive images leave your blog in a non-distinctive state.

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3. Evernote (Free & Paid)

Organization is key for any blogger, and Evernote is that tool that aids in organization. Evernote is commonly known as a note-taking software that comes in handy for a blogger to pen down those amazing ideas that hit at incredible moments. However, this tool goes a much longer way. It can be simply in its basic note-taking form, and still go all the way to capture anything from Web pages to images, text, and voice notes. Ideas, projects and much more are captured and organized in such a detailed manner that helps you not to lose track with Evernote. One key benefit of this tool which can double as a graphic tool is that it helps your images have a more sequential detail, flowing into a perfect concept with the idea vying to be portrayed

You can access Evernote from anywhere including computer, tablet or mobile device, which makes the search and organization process stress free. This tool has now come in such a way that you can organize your Evernote in such a way that you have special tag which helps you search for anything you require with ease. This eliminates the problem of having different ideas and images crumpled up with each other.

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Pixlr (Free)

The Pixlr graphic tool comes as a free alternative to adobe Photoshop which requires payment for the complete package. When seeking that extremely beautiful concept which would leave your audience in awe, Pixlr is your go to tool. It is also easily accessible both on computers and mobile phones.

Pixlr has amazing features and an even more amazing user interface. There is the Pixlr Express for beginners who might find the main Pixlr editor a bit too advanced for them to use. However, for those who have used donePhotoshop before, it would be extremely easy for them to use the Pixlr Editor. This graphic tool is highly recommended for all bloggers out there especially those who wish to stand out from the crowd. It is the perfect drawing board to convert all imaginative ideas you may have. With Pixlr, multi-tasking is also possible unlike some graphic tools where this might be a challenge.

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5. PicMonkey(Free and Paid)

Also easily accessible on mobile phones, laptops and other devices, PicMonkey is an amazing graphic and photo editor tool. Asides the usually editing features expected of an editing tool, PicMonkey also has comic and fun features such as whisker grow and spray tan. However, these comic and fun features can only be accessed in the paid plan.

Unlike Canva, PicMonkey does not have social media templates, but still gets amazing works done when it comes to graphics editing. For beginners, there are free tutorials on how to use this tool in the official website of PicMonkey. This helps bloggers have an idea of how to use the tool and what to expect from the tool. As a blogger, you can put your creativity to play with PicMonkey, and get audience captivating results. When you become an expert with using this tool, upgrade to the paid package and leave surprises for your audience!

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Written By: Enemanna Chidinma Promise 

Chidinma is a student, freelance writer, and a very big foodie. Loves to read and explore, and is intrigued with anything media related. Chidinma believes that continuous learning leads to everyday growth, and the media serves as platform for this growth. The media serves as hub for awareness, and without it there’s no learning process.


  • This is a very accurate list but if there’s an hierarchy Canva should be topping, unless for pro photographers.
    Canva saves you the stress of designing Graphics using CorelDraw or PowerPoint and the templates are amazing!
    I use it a lot for my blog posts and social media. It sizes pretty well and illustrations are on point.
    Also, I currently use Simplenote to write and develop content but maybe I’ll try this Evernote soon. Voice notes, yes please.

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