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As a beginner in the blogging sector or an amateur blogger, there are certain fears bound to arise that will definitely hold you back from unleashing your full potentials. It is very normal for one to have these fears because it shows that your aspirations are large. However, it becomes a problem when you give in to these fears and allow them hold you back. These fears are most often seen as big mountains and may make one give up on blogging entirely.

This article will list out some of those fear an amateur blogger is bound to face, and how hey can be overcome. Through this article, you would find out that these fears are just little temporary hurdles.

Fear of the Unknown: For a beginner who wants to go into blogging, it is entirely normal for you to be have fears concerning the entire concept as it is a new territory for you. Common unknown fears arise such as ‘How would I engage my audience?’ ‘How do I bring in traffic to my site?’ ‘Would I be productive at the end of the day?’ ‘Would I be able to keep?’ All these fears and many more would arise, but answers to these questions cannot be gotten until that big bold step is taken. You need to push past these fears and start up that blog you wish to, from there you can analyze and solve these fears one after the other. Productivity? There are sites and tools that can help you out with this. How to engage your audience? There are books one can read that provides solution to this.

It isn’t until you start blogging that you realize these fears are actually nothing to be worried about. As the saying goes, ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Everything in life is a continuous process which needs to be taken one at a time. Even if you fail at something, you get better when you do it continuously. To overcome fear of the unknown, you need to start blogging, dialogue with other bloggers, attend workshops, seminars and webinars, etc. Through all these, you are going to learn a lot which will help you master your craft and eventually become a pro who will help others out.

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Self-Doubt: The moment you start looking down on yourself, and feeling you are not up to standard would be your downfall as a beginner. You need to steer away from comparing yourself with other bloggers who might have been in the game for a long time. Never try to compete with anyone or think that your own style is not good enough. Always remember that your style is your unique identity. Once the fear of self-doubt sets in, channel it as motivation to develop more creative ideas, and not a reason to give up. You’d be surprised that the ideas you have doubts about is what other bloggers are killing to get for themselves.

The best way to overcome the fear of self-doubt is to channel it towards positivity. Let it be the reason you go back to your drawing board once it comes. You can even write about it and how it makes you feel; connect with your audience through this and let them know it isn’t always all smiles with you as you also have doubts, but there is assurance that you are bound to conquer. You never can tell who your story can serve as a source of motivation to.

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Writers Block: There is the fear of the almighty writer’s block which is surely bound to occur. One begins to wonder what will happen when writers block sets in. Many thoughts run through your mind like ‘Will that be the end of my blog?’ ‘Will my audience discard my blog when I don’t post over a period of time?’ ‘Will the writer’s block every pass away and how long will it take?’ Writers block is surely not the end of the world. There are times when it’s as if the creative side of your mind is blank, and you cannot write up anything or even design something new. This is where guest writers come in.

It is not a sin to have a guest writer(s) on your blog. Surely, no man can be an island; there are times where you will need to collaborate with writers and even other bloggers, and the best time is when writers block hits you. In a way, it will even serve as a breather for you as the bulk of the stress will be on the guest writer(s) or bloggers you are collaborating with. The amazing aspect is even while you are collaborating with them, everything will still be carried out based on your instructions. Writers block is surely nothing to be scared about; you’ll be amazed at the fresh and amazing ideas that will hit it once it passes away.

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Technological Fear: The fear of designing is and handling of certain web programs related to blogging is one fear that cannot be overlooked. Many beginners give up on blogging because they are not literate on how certain tools and applications relating to blogging functions. However, because they succumb to this fear, research is not carried out to realize that majority of these tools and application have tutorials on how they function. The best way to overcome technological fear is through research and communication with others.

By voicing out your problems, you would be shocked to see many people who are willing to run you through on the things giving you hard time. One might develop technological fear when it comes to programming or designing of the blog. This can be overcome by having a friend help out, or watching tutorial videos on YouTube. There’s also the graphics related technological fear which can be overcome with some blogging tools such as Photoshop, Canva, etc. All you have to do is carry out research, and it will become a walk in the park.

blogging fears
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Monetary Fear: This fear is something that should not even be a fear, but it has sadly come to exist. Most startup bloggers have the fear that they would not make money from blogging. To overcome this, you need to change your mindset and set your priorities straight. Condition your entire being to understand and embrace blogging as a passion before it being a source of revenue. You need to understand that you don’t start getting revenue from blogging until 2-3 after you’ve started. Everything takes time, and it is usually a gradual process.

One who enters blogging with revenue as his / her overall aim is bound to have an early fall. Embrace this craft, own it, make an impact with it, be a force to reckon with, and everything will align itself including revenue. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean; you cannot expect to have large funds from it when you are just starting. Money should not be at the foremost part of your mind when you startup a blog, talk less of even allowing it become a fear!

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To all beginners out there, I hope this article goes a long way in helping you out. Always remembers to focus on your passion and the main reason that prompted you into blogging, and there would be no room for fears. It is a gradual process that will surely pay out in the end if you preserve.

About The Author: Enemanna Chidinma Promise

Chidinma is a student, freelance writer, and a very big foodie. Loves to read and explore, and is intrigued with anything media related. Chidinma believes that continuous learning leads to everyday growth, and the media serves as platform for this growth. The media serves as hub for awareness, and without it there’s no learning process


  • Nice one I encountered some of these fears….with your write up is also giving me a great way to manage it…

  • I totally agree with confronting your fears and starting out. Before I published my first post, I was pessimistic about how it would perform and even after gaining some momentum on the internet I became a perfectionist, I would read and correct my articles times over.
    This only restrained me from sharing content with my readers, as I grew, I began to overcome such fears and now I push publish without a heartbeat.

  • Absolutely excellent post. You definitely found all the right fear factors that I experienced when starting out and I still go through some of them. I have now got to the place where I now face my fears head on and just enjoy the blogging ride.

  • Loved this bit : One who enters blogging with revenue as his / her overall aim is bound to have an early fall. Embrace this craft, own it, make an impact with it, be a force to reckon with, and everything will align itself including revenue.

    Just a great reminder for me today 🙂

  • Great tips, especially the one on just enjoying the craft and not being overly concerned with money off the bat. As a new blogger, I have joined groups where people are making a lot of money and i’m just trying to figure out how to get traffic to my site. But I love writing and believe that I have a lot of meaningful things to say, and that right now is enough.

    • Can you share your blog URL with me? I will really love to check it out and probably feature it in our newsletter.

  • THese are definitely some fears I’ve experienced when starting my blog! I read a book, though I wish I could remember what it was, that said to get over the fear of starting and the fear of writers block, was to write down ten posts you can potentially do, and then write them. As you do that, keep adding to the list, and then wen you have writers block, you can go back to that list. I found that very helpful.
    I like the suggestion to get gues posters. I would love to know if you have a post thathelps with how to go about that 🙂

    • Thank you so much Nicola… The blog is still fairly new and we are constantly updating it with new posts to help bloggers become better and more consistent. So, you can subscribe to the blog to get notifications about new posts and newsletters with tips and resources. We promise, we won’t spam you.

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