The Bloggers’ Advocate is a bloggers’ agency dedicated towards promoting the culture of blogging and grooming, educating and empowering community of bloggers as major growth tools to the economy at large. It is our goal to showcase bloggers as useful tools to brands; both startups and established companies, great causes and excellent source of influence on the entire community (regardless of its diversity) at large; in Nigeria, Africa and in Diaspora.

Our dream is to entirely change how bloggers are viewed in the country, pave way for both up and coming bloggers and established bloggers to collaborate with more bloggers, photographers, creative entrepreneurs and brands and act as a voice for every blogger. The brand has over 2,000 individual bloggers of diverse niches in its growing community with an estimated total collective reach of 3 million unique followers on Instagram, 500,000 unique page likes on Facebook and 2 million followers on Twitter dedicated to bloggers and has educated over 500 bloggers on how to be better and smarter with their craft via series of workshops and masterclasses organized in 4 states in the country in less than 2 years.

Altogether, we have worked with over 100 notable Nigerian brands including Zaron Cosmetics, Cookie Skin, Bellafricana, La Fame Accoutre, The Choc Boy, Ewami Essentials, IbakeCake, African Things, The Indulgence Collection, SeamplySylvia, Mamba Energy Drink, Mayrush, Brief Essentials, Rhymat Clothiers, SMKY Arts, Pet Marshall, Hairffiliation, PopBeach Club, Natural Hair Products Shop NG, Cookieskin to name a few.











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The Bloggers Advocate offers a wide range of services to both brand owners and content  creators.  With a team of well trained and skilled digital entrepreneurs and the founder; Dako Alice Temitope, a doubly certified digital marketing expert by Google and Digital Marketing Skill Institute, TBA serves to help business owners, influencers, bloggers, vloggers; all round digital nomads improve their online credibility, increase their market reach and provide a working system that helps them grow their network and network

Our services include collaboration sourcing and connecting brand with the right bloggers that fit their brand image and niche. We also offer other digital services like creation of social media/blog structure and strategy, creation of content calendar, blogger/brand launch events management, branding and PR services.

TBA also designs and manages websites/blogs, offer email marketing services, social media/blog consultation, photo and video shoots

Our services are tested and trusted and we ensure we deliver RESULTS.


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The TBA Tribe is a community of dedicated bloggers, influencers, digital nomads and even small scale business owners. Here, we are focused on using our passion and expertise as professionally trained and certified digital marketing experts and web developers in grooming bloggers to become better and smarter with their craft.

TBA sets to serve as the number one advocate for bloggers by promoting them as an important and useful growth tool for brand owners as well as educating them on how to be better and smarter with their craft by teaching them latest digital marketing trends they need to know to boost their online visibility as well as increase their traffic generation and retention and also teach them how to increase their net worth and network.

It is our belief that we grow better when we grow together and so, as a member of the TBA tribe, we will like to help you grow; not just in stats but in cash…


Being a part of the TBA Tribe has taught me so much about myself; not just as a blogger but as a brand owner. From learning how to find my nich, to SEO, to churning out useful content and more. I can say that TBA is a blogger/breand's bestfriend. It is a tribe filled with amazing bloggers and Alice, the brain behind is all shades of amazing. Very intelligent woman. The Bloggers Advocate is particular about the growth of bloggers and brands alike. It's a community filled with wonderful people
Joining the TBA group is one of the best decisions I made in my blogging life. The support, ideas, advice, tough love (sometimes) is just great. There are so many materials shared & tutorials held that’ll help anyone who’s serious enough, make a headway. It’s more than a community, it’s a genuine family. The creator is one I’ve come to consider a good friend and I’m looking forward to more wins for TBA.
I am not yet there but TBA has helped me find myself. I started off as an absolute novice that just wanted to write my stories. Between being a 7 to 6 worker, TBA has helped me understand the intricacies of blogging. The resources provided have allowed me think outside the box as it regards to only story telling and I can now face what lies ahead for me in this field. I know that with the team I am assured of support and aid of and when ever I need it. I am just grateful that Alice stuck to her dream.